Why Join?

The AWU is Australia’s oldest union and one of the largest in Australia. Our members work in a wide range of industries including – oil and gas, alumina, gold mining, fruit picking, food preserving and more.

We fight for members’ rights – at the site level, at the negotiating table, in the courts, in parliament, through the media and on the picket line. We focus on improving wages and conditions at all times by representing our members’ best interests on a daily basis.

The AWU provides a wide range of membership services, including:

Negotiation of wages and conditions

The AWU negotiates workplace enterprise agreements, which outline your wages and conditions of employment. Employment conditions include annual leave, sick leave, long service leave, redundancy, ordinary working hours, overtime, break times, and superannuation.

The best wages and conditions are won in workplaces where union membership numbers are high. Because you are always in a stronger bargaining position if you stand together and negotiate collectively.

The best way of improving your wages and conditions is by making sure you and your workmates are AWU members.

Advice on industrial and workers’ compensation issues

Members have access to assistance on workers’ compensation through our partners Maurice Blackburn. If you need help with compensation matters, please contact your organiser or the Perth office and we can refer you. Members are entitled to a free first consultation.

Recovery of underpayment of wages and super

Your wages are determined by the National Employment Standards and your workplace’s enterprise agreement or, if your workplace does not have an enterprise agreement, the award for your industry.

You can find your agreement or award by searching the Fair Work Commission website. If you need help interpreting your agreement or award, or if you feel you have been underpaid, please contact your organiser or the Perth office.

Fighting unfair dismissals

Have you been unfairly dismissed? Please contact your organiser or the Perth office as soon as possible for your case to be reviewed. Unfair dismissals must be lodged with the Fair Work Commission within 21 days of the dismissal.

Access to Shoprite

Shoprite is a discount purchasing service available to AWU members. You can save money on electrical/gas appliances, cars, groceries, movie tickets and more.

To register for Shoprite, please visit their website Shoprite or call 08 9300 1221. Make sure you have your AWU membership number ready.

Be a part of our community.

Join the AWU.

Stronger together.


Member Benefits