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OHS discovery at Alex Fraser

April 14, 2023

The Australian Workers’ Union Victoria has discovered that the company Alex Fraser is not following the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulations when it comes to crystalline silica.

The AWU finds it is very concerning that Alex Fraser did not have any compliance in place, and that workers have been at risk for a long time. After a visit from AWU Organiser’s and a service request placed with WorkSafe, Alex Fraser has agreed to create and adhere to a compliance code for their work sites. The AWU sees this as a significant win for workers’ health and safety.

In August 2019, the Victorian Government amended the OHS Regulations to introduce interim measures for activities involving silica dust. Part 4.5 – Crystalline Silica was introduced to address the generation of RCS dust that poses a high risk of causing adverse health effects.

Under these regulations, employers, self-employed individuals, and people who manage or control a workplace have a responsibility to ensure that their workplaces comply with the required health and safety standards.

The AWU sees this as a significant win for workers’ health and safety and a positive step towards ensuring that all employers prioritise the health and safety of their workers. The AWU will continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure that Alex Fraser adheres to the compliance code and maintains the required health and safety standards at all its work sites.

The AWU is committed to acting against any company that fails to meet the required health and safety standards and will work tirelessly to ensure that all workers are provided with a safe and healthy workplace environment.





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