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The AWU is the union for all seafood and salmon workers. Join your union today!

The AWU covers all workers in the salmon and aquaculture industry, including:

  • Hatchery attendants
  • Seafood processing workers
  • Farm attendants
  • Farm managers
  • Maintenance Officers
  • Feeders
  • ROV operators
  • Divers

Just recently, the AWU won a major case in the Federal Court, after seafood processing workers were underpaid millions of dollars by De Costi Seafoods. 

As the nation’s oldest blue-collar union, we have over 130 years of experience in Australian workplaces.

As a union member, you also get access to professional advice and support when you need it most. We can help you reclaim stolen wages and superannuation, fight an unfair dismissal, and support you through any bullying or harassment at work. Join your union today to be protected at work. 

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