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The Union for Queenslanders

As the nation’s oldest and largest blue-collar trade union representing over tens of thousands of working men and women and their families, we have worked together to build better and safer workplaces and stronger communities.

Queensland workers played a key role in the formation of the Union, and Queensland is still the AWU’s largest branch.

Our history is as rich and complex as the industries we represent ‚Äď from manufacturing, mining and civil construction to growth sectors such as health, aged care and hospitality.

Whilst our reach is wide and our membership diverse, we are dedicated to the single cause of protecting and fighting for the rights of workers in their workplace.

As a direct result of being part of this union, you will enjoy better wages, benefits and working conditions.

Most importantly, as a member of the AWU you’ll have a voice on the job ‚Äď you can participate in the decisions that impact your daily life.


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