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Delegates Training

The AWU believes that training is crucial to building a strong union. That’s why we provide delegates with access to comprehensive training courses – so you can best represent and assist members in your workplace.

The AWU offers three levels of delegates training courses, along with negotiating skills courses in each branch.


Delegates Training Level 1.

This course is aimed specifically at newly elected delegates, and should be completed within the first six (6) months of their appointment. It is important to recognise that the Level 1 Course is the initial stage in the development of AWU delegates. This course covers the essential techniques that underpin organising their workplace, and provides the… see more

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Delegates Training Level 2.

Delegates have already undertaken a Level one (1) development course to build on their key skills and knowledge to help them work effectively in their workplace. The Level two (2) program has been developed to continue an integrated learning approach by taking further steps in their development and within their branch… see more

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Delegates Training Level 3.

Delegates have already undertaken introductory and intermediate levels of union education. This course has been developed to continue integrated learning of organising values for those delegates who have an interest of furthering their potential in their role… see more

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