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In Australia, a union is sometimes referred to as a trade union or a labour union.

A union is an organisation of workers who have joined together to achieve common goals. These goals can include seeking higher pay and better working conditions, fighting for job security and protecting the integrity of a trade.

A union, through its officials and delegates, bargains with the employer on behalf of union members (the rank and file) and negotiates (or engages in collective bargaining) to reach enterprise agreements with employers.

This bargaining may include the negotiation of wages, work practices, dispute procedures, recruitment, disciplinary and termination protocols, benefits, workplace safety and company policies. Enterprise agreements negotiated by the union are binding on the employer and all employees, including non-members.

There are currently almost one hundred unions in Australia. Everyone who works in Austalia is entitled to join a union. Read more below about your rights at work, and how the AWU can help you.

Annual Leave

If you’re ready for a holiday, see what annual leave is available to you.

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Are you under an Award? Find out what you’re entitled to here!

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Award Coverage

If you’re not sure whether the AWU covers your Award, check out the full list here.

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Bullying & Harassment

It’s NEVER OK. Find out what bullying looks like, and how you can tackle it at work.

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All workers should be treated equally. Find out your rights on discrimination here.

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Enterprise Agreements

Are you on an EA? Find out where they came from, and why they’re important to workplaces today.

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Gendered Violence

What gendered violence looks like in the workplace, who is at risk, and what you can do to protect yourself at work.

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Long Service Leave

Read more about your long service leave rights in Australia, and what to do if you’re not being paid out.

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Did you know Medicare was fought for – and won- by unions? Read about the history of universal healthcare in Australia.

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Minimum Wage

No matter where you work in Australia, there’s a minimum you must be paid. Find out more here!

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If you have to stay late after your shift, do you know what you’re entitled to? Read about your rights here.

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Parental Leave

If you’re taking time out of the workforce to raise a family, make sure you know your full entitlements.

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Penalty Rates

Working late nights, weekends, or public holidays? Find out how you can work out your correct pay here!

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Public Holidays

Get the info on the public holidays in your state, and what you’re entitled to if you have to work.

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Is your employer stealing from your future? Find out your rights and entitlements on Superannuation here.

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Unfair Dismissal

Have you been given the sack? Find out what you can do if you think you were unfairly dismissed here.

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Wage Theft

Don’t let your boss steal from your pay packet. Find out the most common forms of wage theft in Australia here.

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We love the weekend! Find out how weekends came to be in Australia, and your rights if you’re asked to work weekends.

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Work Health and Safety

Nothing is more important to us than your safety at work. Find out how you can have a safe, healthy workplace here.

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Work Week

Where did the 38-hour week come from? Find out here in our brief history of Australia’s working week.

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Workers’ Compensation

What happens if you’re injured at work? Find out how the union can help you get what you’re owed.

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Workers and the Gender Pay Gap

What is the Gender Pay Gap, and how does it affect Australian workers?

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