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Woodside forced to back off insane 14/4 roster under pressure from Unions

April 1, 2020

After weeks of cynically using the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to introduce draconian measures on workers, Woodside management have finally made a shift in the right direction by backing away from a catastrophic 14 weeks on / four weeks off roster.

The unsafe proposal was vehemently opposed by the Offshore Alliance between the Australian Workers’ Union and the Maritime Union of Australia.

However, Offshore Alliance spokesperson Daniel Walton noted that the new roster proposed by Woodside was also highly problematic.

“Woodside’s new proposed two weeks quarantine / four weeks work / two weeks off roster is still the worst in the industry and a shocking indictment on the respect this company has for its workforce,” Mr Walton said.

“Management should be hugely embarrassed they were able to even suggest a 14 week-on roster with a straight face. But if the idea was to make the new proposal look good by comparison, it’s fooled no one.

“This crisis has been deeply revealing. Companies like INPEX have responded by working cooperatively with workers and their representatives to hammer out deals that share the pain. Woodside have used it to threaten and bully, while paying out massive dividends to shareholders.

“It’s clear who is trying to be on #teamaustralia and who isn’t.

“The Offshore Alliance will continue to advocate for Woodside workers and ensure they get a better deal in the long run.”

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