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NSW Branch Inaugural Health and Safety Representative Training Course

February 13, 2020


The AWU NSW Branch’s inaugural Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training course was held in early February 2020 at our Wollongong office.

Eleven HSRs who were elected by their work colleagues have begun their journey in becoming the most important people at their worksite – union trained HSRs.


In addition, we recently had another ten HSRs completed their AWU HSR training at our Newcastle office. As union trained HSRs, they now have powerful voices in representing their workmates and improving health and safety at their workplaces.


Roles and functions of HSRs are protected by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW), which includes the following:

  • Investigating complaints about work health and safety
  • Inspecting any part of the workplace, after giving reasonable notice or immediately in the event of an incident
  • Examining any documents relevant to health and safety
  • Accompanying a SafeWork inspector during an inspection of the workplace
  • Issuing notices to their employer to improve health and safety
  • Issuing directions to the workforce to cease work where there is a serious and imminent risk to safety (after having consulted with the employer)
  • Requesting a review of control measures, such as an operation manual for cranes
  • Taking time off work with pay as necessary for exercising HSR powers
  • Being provided with necessary facilities, i.e. computer, printer etc. and assistance for exercising HSR powers


The AWU HSRs received training courses approved by SafeWork NSW and will equip HSRs with practical skills to exercise their legislated powers and to establish effective health and safety practices and structures in their worksites.


The AWU actively supports and represents HSRs and deputy HSRs.


Are you still making your new year’s resolutions list for 2020?

Contact your AWU organiser, and become a HSR today!

Look out for your workmates, create a safe and healthy workplace.


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