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Format: 24/06/2017
Format: 24/06/2017

Union Member Benefits are provided to every union member through the ACTU in partnership with your union. As a union member, you can take advantage of the collective buying power of more than 1.8 million members to get big discounts from a great range of companies.


The Australian Workers' Union is calling on the South Australian and federal governments to save Whyalla by working constructively to meet the requirements of the Korean Consortium, which has been announced as the preferred bidder for Arrium.


The simple cap on gas exports being proposed by the Victorian government is the best model to save Australian manufacturing and should be adopted by all other Australian governments, according to the Australian Workers’ Union.


The AEC has provided the Union with a report regarding the outcome of the recent AWU South Australian election. 


A copy of the relevant AEC report is available upon request to the National Office or the South Australian Branch.


The post election report for Election Decision No/s: E2016.231 may be found here.