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Stop unfair deductions for PALM Workers

April 5, 2022 4:17 pm

Support the AWU’s call for all PALM workers to receive a minimum $250 weekly take-home pay!

The Australian Government is currently reviewing the PALM scheme guidelines for Pacific Island workers – and it’s time to ensure these workers are paid fairly.

Most PALM workers work in excess of 30 hours a week, and often earn over $800 – but take home less than $100 a week after all their deductions. After looking after their families back home, many PALM workers are left nothing to buy even basic necessities.

This is why the AWU has called for the government mandate all PALM workers be paid at least $250 take-home each week. This will allow them to look after their families and buy the basics here. The AWU proposes that any outstanding deductions can be carried forward until workers are earning enough to cover them.

Sign our petition and support the AWU’s call for all PALM workers to be paid no less than $250 week after deductions!

Sign the petition!

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Just recently, the AWU won the right for all fruit and vegetable pickers to be paid a guaranteed minimum $25.41 per hour, with the option to earn more under good piece rates.

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