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Our Tarkine, Our Future

August 23, 2022 4:53 pm



Sign the petition to support the AWU’s campaign to protect our Tarkine.

Dear Tanya Plibersek –  Minister for the Environment

Mining and nature have coexisted in the Tarkine for over 100 years. Mining and conservation have gone hand in hand, making sure that the environment is protected, while supporting local families to keep putting food on the table.   Mining is a critical part of the region’s economy.

We the undersigned ask you to:

Consider the importance of mining to North West Tasmania;

Continue a pragmatic approach to new projects, balancing environmental heritage and economic opportunity; and

Ensure Tasmanians have an opportunity to work collaboratively to support local projects consulting with unions, employers, workers, and the community.

Sign the petition to support the AWU in striking the right balance and protecting our Tarkine and our future.


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