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Local Workers First

September 8, 2020 3:31 pm

Australia must put local workers first as we rebuild our economy.

626,000 Australians are out of work, and youth unemployment is now at 10.2%. In the last three months alone, 330,000 Australians have dropped out of the labour force.

David Littleproud and the Nationals have proudly announced a new ‘Ag Visa’ to funnel migrant workers into our sheds and farms so woolgrowers, farmers and contractors can undercut regional Australians pay and conditions.

Recently the  Shearer’s Contractors Association of Australia (SCAA) has already openly encouraged its members to apply for as many AgVisa  migrant workers as soon as possible to “cut costs”. Other employment associations with soon follow suit.

The AWU has long argued this is the real agenda  of farmers and wool growers, not some mythical labour shortage. There is no shortage of Rousy’s and hasn’t been any for many years, the only is shortage is the number of decent woolgrowers and contractors willing to pay decent wages for backbreaking work.

At least the SCAA has come out  publicly to expose the Ag Visa for what it really is – an easy to order source of exploitable overseas workers.

Enough is enough, we have to stand up together.

It’s time we stood up and made the Nationals actually put regional Australians first, instead of just saying they will.

Send a message to your local National member of parliament and tell them to drop their support this ridiculous Ag Visa, that will put thousands of young regional Australians out of work.


Our tax dollars should not be used to fly in workers from overseas to fill jobs which should go to Australian residents.

We should be investing in TAFE, training and support to get unemployed Australia’s get back into work.

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