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AWU WA Branch secures tens of thousands in backpay for members

May 20, 2020

The AWU WA Branch has secured tens of thousands in underpayment of penalty rates for catering members.

The underpayment was raised by the AWU organiser in November 2018.

Unable to resolve the matter with the employer, the organiser subsequently issued a Right of Entry notice and conducted a time and wages check for the affected members. This information was used by the AWU WA Industrial Officer to put together a ‚Äúday by day‚ÄĚ calculation of the underpayments, against the payment schedule of the relevant agreement.

In November 2019, the AWU lodged an application to the Commission. The employer agreed that there was an underpayment before the matter went to conference, but both parties disagreed on the correct formula to determine the amount of the underpayment.

The AWU negotiated a substantial settlement sum which the members were happy with and have accepted.

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