Your Safety

The AWU Victorian Branch is committed to Health and Safety in all workplaces. We continue to fight to raise the safety standards of our industries, as well as providing direct support to our members and HSRs. If there is something at work that you feel may be unsafe, you should consider the below resources to help you decide what to do. The AWU strongly believes that the best way to ensure your safety and the safety of others in your workplace is through the election of Health and Safety Representatives, in conjunction with your union. Through our OHS specialists and effective communication throughout your workplace, we will continue to move towards safer workplaces.

Health and Safety Resources

Risk Assessment.

A risk assessment is vital tool in fighting for safer workplaces. A risk assessment should be applied to all new practices and processes to ensure all workers are kept safe on the job.

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Hazardous Substances

Do you work with Hazardous substances and are not sure if you are following the best practices in doing so? Apply the Hierarchy of Control to make sure you are being kept safe.

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Hazardous Substances – Training.

How well does your employer go when it comes to providing training? Complete the following test and see how they stack up.

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Humidex Rating

How hot is hot? Different conditions impact how hot we get in different ways. Check out this Humidex information pack to assist in fighting for better heat provisions. The AWU Victorian Branch policy on working in heat is that a cease work temperature of 35 degrees should be included in any policy. Contact your Organiser or AWU OH&S Director Percy Pillai for more details.

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Health and Safety Posters

Do you want to spread the word about Health and Safety in your workplace? Check out some of our current flyers and posters promoting awareness of key issues affecting AWU members.