AWU Victorian Branch President

Tanya Harrington has been with the AWU for 14 years starting out in the membership
team in 2006 and then as an Organiser in 2010. In May 2019 became the first female to
be elected as President of the AWU Victorian Branch.

Tanya has represented members across both public and private sectors including
industries such as manufacturing, funeral and cemeteries, environmental management.

Tanya has always had a keen passion for ensuring Health and Safety for AWU members
and is currently completing a degree in Health, Safety and Environment. As an organiser
Tanya has played a key role in highlighting, reporting and resolving multiple OHS
hazards before they resulted in any serious injury or loss of life.

“I have always been passionate about health and safety educating and developing Delegates
and HSR’s to influence positive safety outcomes. I am proud of the work our Delegates and
HSR’s do and I am only too willing to help them in any way I can.”