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AWU No Vote at Altus Gets Up

September 2, 2019

Well done to AWU members at Altus who voted to reject a poor agreement. AWU Members have taken up the fight and sent a clear message; the current Altus offer does not cut the mustard!
AWU Organiser James Weissmann said that the AWU will continue to negotiate in good faith. “We will continue to take up the fight for our members. Altus needs to fix this, it is time for them to table a decent offer.”
Here are the outstanding matters that Altus need to move on — to make this EA worthy of major projects and small works alike, as well as rewarding AWU members for the hard work performed day in and day out:
• Income Protection for all — not just full-time employees.
• Inclement Weather — for major projects and small works alike.
• Night Shift Payments — Should be paid at double-time, NOT Casuals being paid at 50% loading and Full Timers being paid with a 30% loading.
• Removal of the employer Split Shift Clause.
• Accident Make Up Pay to be increased to 52 Weeks.
• O/T to be paid at double time.
• Major Projects Allowance to be moved from $4.60 to $6.
Well done to AWU members at Altus for this win. An example of us being Stronger Together.

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