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The Gas Crisis is Here and it’s Going to Cost Countless Jobs

August 23, 2019

Dow Chemical has announced it will close it’s Melbourne plant partly due to high gas prices and they’re unlikely to be the last.

Australia is now the worlds largest gas exporter yet still imports gas from other countries at an inflated price.

The gas crisis is here and it’s going to cost countless jobs if Matt Canavan and the Federal Government doesn’t do something about it.

As Ross Gittins pointed out this week, how do you finish off Australian manufacturing? Become the world’s biggest gas exporter.

Ben Davis, Secretary, AWU Victorian Branch said the Government needs to act urgently. “The closure of Dow’s plant is a devastating, heartbreaking decision for Dow workers and their families. While politicians bicker, companies close, this is the consequences of inaction on fixing our energy situation. Gas exports should not come at the expense of adequate local supply.”

“Thus far we have been spared too many job losses, let’s hope this isn’t the start of an avalanche to come.”

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