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A Message from CBUS – Death and Disability Insurance

September 25, 2019

Does your insurance Cover you at work?

If the worst was to happen, it’s important to be properly insured for Death or Total and Permanent Disability.

Unfortunately, though, many funds restrict or exclude automatic insurance cover for popular trades within the building industry, such as concreters, bricklayers, plasterers, labourers, plumbers, painters, riggers, welders, scaffolders and more.

Many Cbus members work in a physically demanding, hazardous industry. If you work in a hazardous occupation, Cbus may be the only option or one of few options to obtain insurance cover.

Cbus insurances are specifically designed for the building industry and cover members when they need it most.

Premiums from your super account
Premiums are paid out of your super account, not your after-tax pay.

Premiums from your super account
Premiums are paid out of your super account, not your after-tax pay.

Total and Permanent Disability cover
Provides a lump-sum benefit if you’re unlikely to ever work again due to illness or injury.

Death Cover on top of your super
Provides a benefit payment to look after those you leave behind, on top of your super balance, if you die, or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Life Event Options
Our life events option can make it super easy to increase your cover by one or two units when certain life-changing events happen, such as getting married or starting a family.

Find out more.

Got enough cover?

It’s important to consider whether you have enough cover to protect yourself and your family in the case of Death or Total and Permanent Disability. Click below to find out if you have enough cover.

Find out more.

Cbus Advice Services is here to help.

We can tell you exactly what you’ve got, help you work out what you may need and advise on the products that fit your needs best.

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