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Maurice Blackburn Settlement Story 

November 18, 2022

Maurice Blackburn Settlement Story

Jayden* was employed as a sheet metal worker for a duct installation company when he sustained a serious hand injury while installing an upright duct into the roof of a new shopping centre development. He and his colleagues ordinarily undertook work of this nature in pairs, due to the weight of the metal ducts and the difficulty of the upright installation. On this particular worksite, however, Jayden’s boss directed them to work individually in order to meet a deadline.


While attempting to position a thirty-kilogram duct on his own, Jayden pierced the palm of his right hand through his protective leather gloves with a metal pin – used to hold insulation in place inside the duct – that was out of alignment. He severed a major nerve in his palm, experiencing ongoing pain and hypersensitivity that impeded his ability to drive, write, or carry things. He also suffered ongoing psychological symptoms as a result of the injury and its impact on his daily life.


Jayden was referred by the AWU to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, who booked him in for a free initial consultation. After hearing about his injury and the unsafe work practices that had contributed to it, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers recommended that Jayden proceed with a common law claim for compensation for pain and suffering, ongoing medical treatment, and loss of potential future income.


The employer denied responsibility for Jayden’s injury, but Maurice Blackburn Lawyers were able to obtain witness statements from his co-workers, ultimately securing a significant six-figure settlement. Although Jayden still experiences certain limitations in his daily life as a result of his injury, the settlement has given him the time and space to pursue work in a different field that more closely suits his interests.


*Name changed

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