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September 20, 2022

Every single day, thousands of AWU members go to work in the resources industry in Queensland. The wealth created by these workers has supported Australia’s economic growth for over a century.

As the nation continues to enjoy the benefits of this labour, it is important to reflect on the tragic sacrifices that have been made by far too many workers in the industry.

Today is Miners Memorial Day – a day where we remember the over 1,503 miners who have lost their lives at work in Queensland. It is the anniversary of the worst mining disaster in Queensland’s history, when 75 miners lost their lives in a coal dust explosion at Mount Mulligan in far north Queensland.

Every year on this day we pause and remember all the workers who have lost their lives in Queensland mining disasters.

A delegation of AWU officials attended the memorial service in Redbank this morning, where AWU Queensland Secretary Stacey Schinnerl read a poem titled Only a Father Would by Billie Pellinga poem about the Mount Mulligan disaster of 1921.

Any workplace fatality in the resources industry is unacceptable, which is why ensuring that AWU members are safe at work continues to be our unions number one priority.

The AWU will always fight to ensure out members come home to their loved ones when the shift siren rings.

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