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AWU Statement – Wage Deferral Legislation

June 17, 2020

AWU Statement – Wage Deferral Legislation

17th June 2020

From the moment the Queensland Government announced a wage freeze, the AWU has taken up the fight on behalf of frontline workers right across Queensland for them to be paid what they’re owed.

Legislating to cut conditions out of existing agreements is not something that the AWU has ever and will ever support.

It sets a dangerous precedent and undermines the integrity of independent bargaining processes.

Likewise, we remain firmly against any wage freezes or deferrals. Taking money away from workers and out of local communities does nothing to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

However, we appreciate that the Premier has recognised the importance of not punishing those frontline health workers that have been leading our COVID-19 response and introduced commitments to protect frontline workers’ pay.

The commitment to pay frontline workers their full, long overdue wage package is welcome news to those who have been making huge sacrifices to get us through this pandemic.

This is a significant step forward from just a few months ago when these same workers faced missing out on a long overdue wages package, including their 2019 wage increase and $1250 payment

Likewise, deferring wage increases rather than scrapping them all together, while far from ideal, is a better outcome for frontline workers and the economy than an out-and-out wage freeze.

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