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June 15, 2020


15th June 2020

In a big step forward for AWU Members, the AWU has secured a commitment from the Queensland Government to lock in your $1250 sign on bonus up front.

This comes in addition to the existing commitment to pay your 2019 wage increase with backpay until last September.

Only a few months ago, the Queensland Government unilaterally announced a wage freeze, putting your pay rise and sign on bonus at risk.

Yet after AWU members across the state stood together and demanded a better deal, the Queensland Government has committed to a new wages policy.

The AWU has been leading the way fighting against this wage freeze – and all AWU members should be proud of securing such a significant win.

Under the commitment secured by the AWU, Members would receive:

  1. Your 2019 Wage Increase with full backpay
  2. Your $1250 wage increase
  3. Your 2020 Wage Increase deferred until early 2022 – meaning you’ll receive a 5% pay rise that year.

The Queensland government has committed to paying this by 1 July – we’ll be making sure that they stick to this.

Importantly, moving forward on this would allow us to lock in your new Agreement and the hard-fought wins secured during EB10 bargaining last year – like real action on backfilling, an investigation into workplace bullying, and protections against outsourcing.

While this is a big step forward, we know that deferrals are never ideal and we want as many members as possible to have their say.

AWU Organisers will be out in hospitals across Queensland to talk to members about this.

There’s never been a more important time to be a member of the AWU.

This win was only possible because AWU members refused to be ripped off.

Talk to someone about joining the AWU today.

Be a part of our community.

Join the AWU.

Stronger together.
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