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AWU Members WIN! Cairns Hospital Backs Downs on Security Cuts

July 4, 2019

AWU Members at Cairns Hospital have been fighting back against a plan by Queensland Health to weaken staff and patient security by cutting security officer positions.

After AWU Members stood strong against Cairns Hospital’s plan to weaken staff and patient security, hospital management has backed down and agreed to protect existing security officer positions.

Last month, Queensland Health announced a plan to downgrade 003 Security Officer positions to 002 level at Cairns Hospital, slashing members wages and reducing the number of security officers able to deal with security threats. This plan would not have only seen members’ take-home pays slashed, it would have left members and patients with less protection against violent and abusive patients and visitors.

No matter where you work across Queensland, the AWU will always fight for Queensland Health Members to have safe and secure workplaces.

AWU members know that safety in hospitals is too important to cut just to save a few dollars and were quick to take a stand against Queensland Health’s plans to make our hospital less safe.
That’s why AWU Officials, Delegates and Members in Cairns have been signing petitions, holding rallies and holding meetings to make it clear to Queensland Health that this wasn’t good enough.

In a meeting with the AWU on this week, Queensland Health finally agreed to completely rule out cutting security officer positions and also agreed to back pay security officers for any loss of remuneration.

This will ensure patients, visitors and staff at Cairns Hospital are kept safe – and it will also protect members’ pay and conditions.

We knew how important it was to send a message that we will never tolerate cuts to safety before Queensland Health tried to roll this plan out in other districts.

This is a huge win for AWU Members who refused to take this threat to their pay and safety at work lying down and shows just what members can achieve by standing together.

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