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Same Job Same Pay for Council Workers

July 22, 2019 1:42 pm

Local Government workers do a tough job.

Yet too often face getting ripped off by Councils through dodgy labour hire arrangements.

That’s why we’re pushing for the State Government to introduce ‘Same Job Same Pay’ legislation.

We want to make sure that no one can be ripped off by dodgy temporary work arrangements.

It makes sure that:

  1. There’s no incentive for councils to hire labour hire staff instead of just putting on more permanent staff. This will create more secure, permanent jobs
  2. Permanent staff aren’t missing out on work to cheaper-to-hire labour hire staff
  3. Labour hire staff aren’t getting ripped off by being paid less than the existing workforce

We need the show the State Government that it’s time to act.

We know that councils across Queensland have tried to exploit temporary work arrangements to replace their existing workforce with cheap labour hire.

Getting these laws passed will stop councils abusing dodgy labour hire arrangements to rip off permanent employees and create more secure, well paid jobs.

Same Job Same Pay legislation is good for job security and good for wages. It means that every single council in Queensland would be forced to pay all their employees the same, whether they’re labour hire or permanent staff.

Send a message that we need our Government to stand up for council workers. Sign the petition online here or download a hard copy of the petition – feel free to print it out and pass it around your workplace.

If you have any questions or issues, make sure you speak with your AWU Organiser or Delegate.

Send a message

Right across Queensland, local councils are using dodgy labour-hire – making Council jobs less secure and undermining the pay and conditions of their existing workforce.

This race-to-the-bottom on wages isn’t good enough. Everyone doing the same job deserves to be paid the same amount.

By forcing Councils to pay workers equally we can make sure that workers aren’t missing out – and will encourage councils to employ more permanent workers, and less insecure labour-hire.

The AWU is taking this fight straight to the Queensland Government. We need laws that force Councils to pay workers the same, no matter how they’re employed.

Sign below to send a message to the Queensland Government that we need to stop Councils ripping off workers.

Sign the petition


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