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Same Job Same Pay for Gold Coast Lifeguards

March 11, 2020 4:59 pm

Gold Coast Lifeguards do an amazing job keeping visitors to the local beaches safe.

The Gold Coast Lifeguard service has grown significantly in numbers over the years due to the increased population.

The number of Lifeguards employed as casuals has increased as a result of a greater demand for patrolled beaches.

Yet casual Lifeguards aren’t offered the same opportunities as permanent ones when it comes to their wages – even if they’re doing the same job or have more experience.

It takes five years for a permanent Lifeguard to reach the top of their classification level – whereas a casual cannot progress beyond level 1. This is despite having the same qualifications and physical testing requirements. Some of these casuals have been employed for almost 20 years.

There are many casual Lifeguards with far greater experience – but they simply aren’t recognised for this.

That’s why we’re pushing for the Gold Coast City Council to ensure casual lifeguards aren’t worse off than their fellow permanent colleagues and introduce ‘same job – same pay’ opportunities.

Send a message that we need Gold Coast City Council to treat their lifeguards fairly – regardless of whether they’re permanent employees or casuals.

Sign the petition online here or download a hard copy of the petition – feel free to print it out and pass it around your workplace.

If you have any questions or issues, make sure you speak with your AWU Organiser or Delegate.

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Lifeguards play an important role in their day to day jobs by keeping beaches and members of the community safe.

Some casual Lifeguards have been employed on a regular basis for nearly 20 years and have contributed a great deal to make the service what is it today.

We’re calling on the CEO to recognise the contribution we continue to make by affording us the ability to progress to higher levels in the same way as permanent Lifeguards. This would be calculated on a pro-rata basis meaning we may not progress at the same rate due to reduced hours worked per annum.

Sign below to send a message to the Gold Coast City Council that they need to introduce same-job same-pay for their Lifeguards.

If you are an AWU member, make sure you have your membership number handy.

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