A POWERFUL INFLUENCE ON AUSTRALIAN AFFAIRS, A New History of the AWU by Nick Dyrenfurth is now available for purchase. 

About the book: 

In this new history of the Australian Workers' Union, prominent author Nick Dyrenfurth traces the fortunes of the nation's oldest continuously operating trade union from its origins in the shearing sheds of the late nineteenth century through to it present-day representation of modern Australia's diverse workforce. The 131-year-old AWU's coverage of rural and regional industries, impact on Australia's national identity, and sway over the ALP have made the union a unique organisation internationally. A Powerful Influence on Australian Affairs tells the story of the AWU's numerous triumphs and crises, colourful characters and famed leaders, political influence, and the changing working lives and aspirations of its rank-and-file membership.

The book can be purchased for $35, inclusive of shipping and handling Australia-wide. If you wish to purchase the book, please email nicole.alexander@nat.awu.net.au.