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Growth for a Regional Community

March 21, 2023

Manski Pty Ltd, with its AWU workforce, is one of the newer engineering works based in Tamworth!

They manufacture a unique and exciting new high-tech education platform for high schools and these will be rolled out into schools across Australia in coming months.

iFarms are the brainchild of Manski Owners and Directors Steve and Kate Mansur, with Federal government funding, Steve and Kate chose to set up their manufacturing business in Tamworth NSW to create employment in a regional community.

iFarms Owner and Director, Steve Mansur and Serge Rindo, AWU Organiser

iFarms are completely Australian designed, developed and manufactured and use local suppliers wherever possible!

The ‚ÄĚiFarm‚ÄĚ is a fully computerised interactive farm science research station. Its purpose is to improve understanding of the resources required to produce food and fibre, and to stimulate interest in careers in agriculture. Students can do comparative trials, measuring and monitoring all variables such as water, fertiliser and energy.

iFarms are fully powered by wind and solar, they have their own weather station, an inbuilt digital touchscreen (but can also be operated remotely from students laptops).

As of yet, iFarms is not publicly available to NSW residents.

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