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AWU Members Fight Together for a Fair Deal

October 3, 2019

AWU members employed at Rocla, Emu Plains recently came together to show solidarity towards gaining an improved and fair deal from their Enterprise Agreement negotiations.



Rocla manufacture concrete pipes for the civil construction industry, including stormwater drains for roads. On the back of the recent increase in major infrastructure spending in NSW, the company is performing well with healthy profits recorded which is projected to continue in the coming years.

Enterprise Agreement (EA) Negotiations between the AWU and the company have been continuing for several months, with the EA expiring back on the 4th May 2019.

The company to date is neglecting the contributions that our workers have made to its recent success and initially offered a dismal 1.5% per annual pay increase. They revised their offer to 1.75% which is still significantly below their major competitors in this industry who are signing off on annual wage increases of around 3%.


Due to Rocla’s unfair and hostile position, AWU members have now endorsed a protected action campaign in an attempt to gain a fair deal.

This is not the path that members wanted to go down, however, it is now the only way to ensure Rocla management come to the negotiating table to negotiate a decent deal for the workforce.

It has been almost 10 years since any protected action was taken by AWU members at Rocla, but members are now prepared to stand Stronger Together to fight for a fair deal.



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