Bitumen Contents and Fumes – Evidence Review

A review of health risks associated with exposure to bitumen contents and fumes.
Dr Petra Bywood / Dr Janine McMillan

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Koala populations in NSW Inquiry

The NSW Government needs to enhance funding for credible and ecological research and monitoring.

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How the mining sector can support businesses in regional economies.

The AWU has wide coverage in many blue-collar industries, such as oil and gas, metal ore mining, agriculture and civil construction.

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Quad Bike Safety Inquiry

The AWU is the representative of workers in the agriculture and forestry industries, where quad bikes are used as work vehicles.

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Inquiry into Nuclear Prohibition by the Committee for Environment and Planning

Australia needs to swiftly reduce energy prices and carbon emissions. At present, both challenges remain unaddressed by coherent policy.

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Uranium Mining and Nuclear Facilities

With economic challenges set to worsen, the new appetite to overcome political obstacles to nuclear energy in Australia is sensible.

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Review of Coal Seam Gas Activities in NSW

The AWU maintains industrial coverage across all aspects of the gas supply chain including in gas-fired power generators.

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Unlawful Underpayment of Employees’ Remuneration

Australian working men and women are being denied their full entitlements by their employers on an increasingly prevalent, systematic, and persistent basis.

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National Royal Commission into Black Summer Bushfires

Australian Worker’s Union (AWU) members were at the front line throughout Australia during the 2019-20 fire season. The experience of our members indicates that nothing can be allowed to ever be the same again

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Inquiry into Australia’s Oil and Gas Reserves

The AWU maintains industrial coverage across all aspects of the oil and gas supply chain.

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Rebooting Australian Aluminium

The economic, social and environmnetal potential of the Portland Smelter

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