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Format: 21/10/2019
Format: 21/10/2019

Minister for Trade Steve Ciobo has sold Australian steel workers down the river by claiming that Australia is a “winner” out of China’s practice of overproducing steel and illegally distorting global markets, which is destroying Australia’s steel industry.


The Australian Workers’ Union will be engaging closely with the Arrium management, whichever new administrators are finally settled on, and the state and federal governments to ensure the interests of workers are a primary consideration under the changes announced today.


The Australian Workers’ Union is urgently calling on the federal government to immediately:

  • Introduce emergency safeguard tariffs on imported steel

  • Announce its intent to mandate the use of Australian steel in Australian infrastructure projects



The Australian Workers’ Union has called on the Prime Minister to ensure Australia’s banks are not able to appoint a handpicked administrator to run Arrium.


Malcolm Turnbull cannot play the role of idle spectator any longer as the Australian steel industry faces oblivion, according to the Australian Workers’ Union.