When we stand together we are always stronger together.

Wednesday 25th October 2017 0:00

Yesterday AWU offices were raided by the AFP, on the instructions from the new Registered Organisations Commission (ROC). The ROC was set up by the Liberal Government with a single purpose: to smear the union movement and, through that, to smear the alternative Prime Minister, Bill Shorten. 
Michaelia Cash and the Liberal Party asked for an investigation into Bill Shorten and that’s what the ROC has delivered, complete with police and media crews who had been tipped off ahead of time.

This raid represents the misuse and abuse of police powers for political ends.

 This isn’t about the Australian Federal Police, who are just doing their job in executing the instructions of the ROC and the Government.

This isn’t about criminal behaviour. This isn’t a question of whether the AWU made donations to GetUp!  or Labor – these donations were never a secret and were well understood by everyone in the union at the time. Rather, the ROC is specifically investigating whether the correct paperwork was filed ten years ago. 

This is a smear campaign, pure and simple. 

Despite this disgraceful attack on all of us, you can rest assured that your union is continuing to work for you.

All over the country our hardworking Officials, Delegates and members are making sure that the voices of workers are being heard. We are all working together to build a better tomorrow. 
We won’t be distracted from the important issues that matter to you. 
We will keep fighting for better wages and conditions, working to secure affordable gas for our manufacturers, demanding an end to illegal Chinese dumping and making sure Australian workers come home safe after a long day at work. 
For 131 years conservative governments have tried to destroy the collective voice of working people and they have failed every time. You can rest assured that we won’t be intimidated and we won’t back down in the face of government threats.
When we stand together we are always stronger together. Hear AWU National Secretary Daniel Walton discuss the raids on the Today Show.