Statement by Scott McDine, 21 November 2016

Monday 21st November 2016 0:00

Today I announced my resignation as National Secretary of the Australian Workers’ Union.

The AWU means an enormous amount to me, so I took this action with a heavy heart. However, nominations will soon open for our next union elections, so this is the appropriate time to announce I will not be re-contesting my position.

I am hugely proud of what our union has achieved during the time I have been national secretary.

Our ‘Reserve Our Gas’ campaign, kicked off in 2014, created a shift in the public debate about Australia’s natural gas, which is gathering momentum by the day.

The pragmatic and constructive leadership of the AWU, combined with the courage of our members, was critical in saving the steel industry in Port Kembla last year, and guiding the Arrium administration process this year.

The AWU has also been modernising and changing, with the merger of three branches in NSW strengthening our union.

And despite facing a federal government determined to undermine our strength and authority, I am proud of seeing our union through a long and difficult Royal Commission.

I was involved in the AWU for almost 20 years before seeking a full-time elected position. I never set out to achieve high office, so the last seven years have been an enormous privilege.

And while I am stepping down from this role, I will always be a proud unionist. I will always believe in the importance of unions to working people.

My Assistant Secretary, Daniel Walton will take over the reins of leadership as we head into an exciting new era, and I’m confident he will receive the full support of our members to lead. He has a well-deserved reputation as an impressive young leader and a true AWU man.

I will always be deeply grateful to the members of our great union.

The AWU gave me the opportunity to look after my fellow workers and to work on their behalf.

It allowed a 19-year-old working at Alcoa’s Pinjarra Refinery in Western

Australia to rise from the shop floor to head one of the greatest institutions of this country.

It has been a singular honour.

There are a lot of people to thank. I will always value the friendship and solidarity of so many across my union and our great movement, outdone only by the unstinting love and support of my wife and family.

I look forward to taking a decent break, before considering what new challenges to take on next.

All the very best,
Scott ‘Scooter’ McDine


AWU thanks Scott McDine

The Australian Workers’ Union has paid tribute to Scott McDine, who today announced his resignation as national secretary.

Mr McDine has led the union for the past three years, capping more than a decade as an official. He first rose to prominence within the AWU as president of the Alcoa Pinjarra sub-branch.

Mr McDine spearheaded the AWU’s successful Reserve Our Gas campaign, an effort that changed the national discussion about domestic gas reservation, prompting federal Labor to adopt a national interest test for use of Australia’s natural gas.

Mr McDine’s leadership was also critical in saving both the steel industry in Port Kembla last year, and guiding the Arrium administration process this year.

He also guided the AWU through a difficult time in which the federal government was determined to undermine the strength and authority of the union through a long Royal Commission.

As both a senior official and national secretary of the AWU, Scott brought a shop floor perspective to the Union’s deliberations. He worked with passion, diligence, and insight to improve conditions and bolster Australian jobs.

The AWU expresses deep gratitude to Scott McDine for his service and commitment.