Tuesday 03rd January 2017 0:00

Tasmanian aquaculture workers today called for the mysterious backers of the controversial anti-fish farming television advertisements to come clean and declare their interests.

Australian Workers’ Union (AWU) National Secretary, Daniel Walton, said Tasmanians deserved to know exactly who was behind the advertisements, and what their motivations were.

“The financial backers of these advertisements should come out of the shadows and put their hands up.  Hiding behind a so-called front group is not just cowardly, it’s deceitful.”

Mr Walton said it had been revealed in media reports that tourism investor Graeme Wood was involved in the campaign.

"Mr Wood needs to declare how much money he’s pumped into the anti-fish farming campaign, and clarify whether or not he's the campaign’s sole funder.”

“Is Let’s Grow Tasmania’s Future a real organisation, or is it just Graeme Wood pretending to be a community group?” Mr Walton asked.

The AWU represents workers who are employed in the Tasmanian aquaculture industry, and is running its own “Tassie Salmon” campaign in support of aquaculture jobs.

“The AWU has been entirely transparent about our Tassie Salmon campaign.  Everyone knows that AWU members are real people with real jobs.

“We believe there is an opportunity for the aquaculture industry to continue growing in an environmentally responsible way, and to provide more sustainable long-term jobs for Tasmanians – especially in regional areas like the East Coast.”

Mr Walton said Tasmanians could sign the “I Support Tassie Salmon” pledge by going to the website at