Arrium, Whyalla now close to salvation if state and fed govts work with preferred bidder

Thursday 15th June 2017 0:00
The Australian Workers' Union is calling on the South Australian and federal governments to save Whyalla by working constructively to meet the requirements of the Korean Consortium, which has been announced as the preferred bidder for Arrium.
AWU National Secretary Daniel Walton said that the cooperative efforts of all major stakeholders had brought Arrium and Whyalla to the brink of salvation, but it was up to government to go the last mile.
"As the legal representative of over 2000 Arrium workers I am extremely encouraged by the important step we have taken in settling on a preferred bidder," Mr Walton said. 
“Through the continued cooperation of union employees, Arrium’s creditors, and the administrator, a positive outcome is now eminently achievable. The Korean Consortium requires government commit to meeting some maintenance costs over a five-year period while the company invests $1.4 billion into building the FINEX steelworks and an off-gas power plant. 
"This is a deal our governments should absolutely make. It is the national interest for Arrium's operations, especially in Whyalla, to stay running. 
“Australian steel has a viable, prosperous future, and can continue to support thousands of excellent jobs, along with whole communities. But that will only happen if our government is willing to support industry. 
"If the SA and federal governments can work together to get us over this final hurdle, they can ensure an advanced steelworks for Whyalla and the nation for at least the next 30 years and beyond."