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AWU NSW helps Member clean up the tune of $11,000

March 2, 2020


Jock Young can hardly believe that’s he’s $11,000 better off, thanks to the sterling efforts of the AWU NSW Branch.


AWU Organiser and Industrial Officer have been instrumental in helping Jock negotiate a backdated travel allowance claim from his employer.


Working as a cleaner at Snowy Hydro, Jock travelled to and from sites daily since 2016, but it turned out he had been significantly under-reimbursed after an investigation by the AWU NSW Branch.


After a protracted series of emails with the employer, City Group, which employers clearers at industrial sites across the state, ended up paying back Jock around $11,500.


Jock, from Jindabyne, is now going to use the money to fix his car. He said:

“I had no idea I was entitled to these payments and would never have done so unless I joined the AWU and got these guys to act on my behalf.”

“It was incredible to open my pay packet this month and see all that extra money sitting there. It really will make a huge difference. Unfortunately, I hit a kangaroo with my car not so long ago, and now I can pay to get my car sorted.”


AWU NSW Branch Organiser Mick Ivill said he was delighted to help Jock get his just dues. “Jock was referred to us by some members who work at Snowy Hydro and said he was having some problems. Once I started looking into his paperwork, I could see that he was not getting his full travel allowance.”


“Once he signed up as a member, we were able to act on his behalf. We believe this was probably a case of the company not being aware, but they did take their time in agreeing to pay him what he was owed.”


“It really shows to be across your job. If you think something is not quite right, speak to your Union Delegates or Organiser, and we can look into it. I am sure there are many, many more cases like this out there.”


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