The Australian Workers' Union National Executive

The AWU National Executive is the supreme decision making body of the union between the Biennial AWU National Conferences. It is elected every four years by the members.

The current National Executive consists of the following representatives elected by the members in 2013:

National Secretary
Daniel Walton
National President
Marina Williams
Assistant National Secretary
Misha Zelinsky
(Honorary) National Vice Presidents
Brad Gandy
Wayne Phillips
Keith Ballin 
Liam O'Brien
Wayne Hanson
Queensland Branch Representatives
Ben Swan
Steve Baker
Tracey Sharpe
New South Wales Representatives
Tony Callinan
Paul Noack
Victorian Branch Representatives
Ben Davis
Jimmy Mastrandonakis

Tasmanian Branch Representative
Ian Wakefield
South Australian Branch Representative
Peter Lamps
West Australian Branch Representatives
Mike Zoetbrood