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Stop Woodside dumping 400 tonnes of plastic off the West Australian coast

June 23, 2020 12:28 pm

Woodside, Australia’s largest oil and gas operator is attempting to dodge its social responsibility to clean up after itself, leaving its waste on the ocean floor, including 400 tonnes of plastic.

Woodside turned over almost $4 billion in 2017, and is now trying to avoid paying to dispose of its mess to further line its pockets when its gas development project on its Echo-Yodel field is finished.

The company has applied to the industry regulator, NOPSEMA, to approve its proposal to leave all equipment from the gas field development on the sea bed indefinitely.

The clean up would not only remove a potential environmental hazard from the seabed, it will provide meaningful employment to skilled Australian workers.

At a time when many Australians need a job, this would be a huge benefit not only to the workers engaged but to the economy as well.

Sign our petition and call on NOPSEMA, Australia’s offshore energy regulator in charge of environmental approvals, to deny Woodside’s reckless application to leave their waste on the oceanfloor.

Sign the petition

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