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Fair go for farm workers

August 12, 2020 10:49 am

For too long the horticultural industry has relied on exploited backpackers.

Underpayment of wages and horrible living conditions are becoming the standard business model for the industry, enabled by the working holiday visa scheme.

Abuse is rarely reported because workers depend on their employer for their visa.

At the same time unemployment is skyrocketing, especially for young Australians.

But rightly they don’t want to work in an industry that pays below the minimum wage and forces its workers to live in third world conditions.

Australian workers won’t stand for it. Backpackers and migrant workers shouldn’t have to either.

Enough is enough.

We want to make sure that when Australian fruit and veg makes it to your plate – you know it was sourced ethically.

The only solution is to scrap the working holiday visa scheme and reform the entire horticulture industry.

Farms need to start paying workers the proper rates of pay and provide decent accomodation for workers.

Join our campaign and sign our petition.

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