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Save our local fuel refining industry

February 10, 2021 1:43 pm

Our local refining industry is under threat and so is Australia’s national security.

Last year, BP Kwinana announced it was closing its doors and now Exxon has announced it is shutting down its Altona refinery.

That means Australia will be left with only 2 refineries to supply our domestic fuel needs.

This is not only a disaster for the Australian Oil and Gas sector, it’s an economic and national security emergency.

Covid-19 has shown us the danger of not having the things we need when we need them. Australia’s fuel security is already the worst in the world – we can’t afford to be caught short on petrol and other fuel to run our economy and protect our country.

We need the Federal Government to urgently intervene and provide emergency and long-term support to the local fuel refining industry.

When it comes to protecting our fuel security, the Morrison Government is all talk and no action.

Sign the petition to call on the Federal Government to immediately rescue the local refining industry and protect our national security.

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