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Fair go for PALM workers

March 14, 2023 2:43 pm

All workers who come to Australia deserve the same workplace rights as Australians.

But PALM workers on our farms and abattoirs, who already face exploitation and abuse, are missing out.

The Federal Government is currently considering reforms to the PALM Scheme in Australia, and we’re urgently calling for fairer wages and conditions.

These workers aren’t just paying for a roof over their head – these wages are also supporting families across the Pacific. That means when PALM workers miss out, their families miss out, too. 

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Workers under the PALM scheme deserve to be paid and treated fairly. That’s why the AWU is fighting for PALM workers to receive:

  • Guaranteed 30 hours of work per week 
  • A minimum take-home pay of $200 per week
  • Access to Medicare
  • simpler access to superannuation
  • Greater eligibility for tax returns
  • fairer, clearer deductions

The AWU proud to support farm workers in Australia for over 130 years. We’re dedicated to helping PALM workers exposed to exploitation and abuse on Australian farms.

Here’s just a few ways we’ve helped farm workers:  

  • Fought for and won a pay rate of $26.73 per hour for all farm workers.
  • Recovered over $50,000 in stolen wages for underpaid farm workers.
  • Worked with the government to re-deploy over 100 PALM farm workers to other employers.
  • Represented workers with employers regarding deductions, accommodation and hours of work.
  • Won a flat 15% tax rate for all PALM workers.
  • Provided free legal advice for AWU farm workers seeking workers compensation and WorkCover. 

Union membership is a legal right for all and it is against the law for employers to punish or mistreat a union member. 

The AWU is the union for ALL farm workers. We cover PALM, labour hire, Pacific, and all migrant workers on farms. Join today to get advice and support, including Visa Assist, legal advice on your rights, and help with underpayments, and workers compensation. 

Be a part of our community.

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Stronger together.


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