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Fair piece rates for farm workers

July 14, 2021 2:43 pm

Farm workers, backpackers, seasonal workers and other migrant workers tell us they are commonly paid well below the minimum wage, due to unfair piece rates set by farmers and their labour hire companies.

Many piece rate workers don’t have a real say in the way piece rates are set and are forced to do unpaid work, overfill buckets and not paid for the additional fruit picked.

Farm workers deserve a fair piece rate system that guarantees them a minimum hourly base rate.

The AWU wants the Horticulture Award amended to guarantee every worker on every farm is entitled to take home the minimum casual rate of pay, currently $25.41 per hour.

We’re in the Fair Work Commissions right now arguing our case for fair pay for farm workers.

Get on board with our fair piece rates for farm workers campaign – sign our petition to change the laws to make sure that farm workers receive a guaranteed minimum hourly rate regardless of what you pick.

Sign our petition here.

Sign the petition

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