Anti-Dumping Agency

Tuesday 27th November 2012 0:00

The establishment of a new trade remedies agency would be a major step forward in the fight against illegal dumping of goods into Australia, potentially saving thousands of local jobs, according to The Australian Workers’ Union (AWU).



AWU National Secretary Paul Howes today said the recommendations of John Brumby’s review into anti-dumping arrangements would dramatically beef up Australia’s anti-dumping arsenal.

“Tougher measures against illegal trade dumping is what real border protection is about.  This is about ensuring Australian businesses and Australian jobs are not undermined by unfair trade practices.”

AWU Campaign

Paul Howes said the AWU has campaigned relentlessly for a stronger approach on dumping.

“Free trade has to be conducted on a level playing field, but too often Australian manufacturers are finding that overseas competitors are not playing by the same rules.

“We’ve seen examples of overseas companies backed by government subsidies who have dumped large quantities of goods or commodities on the Australian market at prices below the cost of production.

“This means that local businesses employing local workers are being forced to downsize or close.

“In the long-term, it also means that overseas companies are able to corner domestic markets, and putting themselves in a position where they can price gouge Australian consumers.

“It’s unfair, and it’s not in the country’s national interest to allow this situation to continue.”

Action needed

Paul Howes congratulated John Brumby and the Federal Government on the report, which recommends the creation of a powerful new International Trade Remedies Authority headed up by a Commissioner or CEO, reporting directly to the Minister for Home Affairs.

“Minister for Home Affairs Jason Clare MP is clearly taking the issue of dumping extremely seriously.

“It’s now vital that the Federal Government moves swiftly to implement the recommendations of the Brumby review, and gets this new agency up and running.”